Vanlife & RVing in Mexico – What You Need to Know to Go

Why travel to Mexico in a van? Is it safe? What are the campgrounds like? Is it difficult to cross the border? We answer these questions and more in the presentation that we made at last weekend’s virtual Roadtrek Rally.

We could talk about Vanlife in Mexico for hours but for all you guys watching, we tried to hit the high points in a 30-minute presentation. We were thrilled that so many people tuned in for the presentation and for those of you planning to travel to Mexico in a van or RV, I think the Q&A that followed was just as valuable.

Click the link below to watch and we’d love to hear your comments/questions below or in the YouTube comments.

Thanks to Doug Vincent for doing such a great job hosting us.

P.S. One book that I highly recommend before travelling by van or RV to Mexico and/or Central America for the first time is: “Don’t Go There. It’s Not Safe. You’ll Die.: And Other More Rationale Advice for Overlanding Mexico & Central America”. The information is a bit dated now (it was published in 2013) but the most important stuff hasn’t changed. We read this book before our first trip to Mexico and it gave us the confidence we needed to go.

2 thoughts on “Vanlife & RVing in Mexico – What You Need to Know to Go

  1. Hi Tere! Thanks so much – it’s great to hear from you. We’re planning to spend some time in North/Central Mexico this year… hopefully we can meet up. We’ll keep you posted on our timing… likely leaving Canada in early January. Have you guys been to Patzcuaro?


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