Interested in following our travel routes or getting detailed information about the campsites we’ve visited? Since 2019, we’ve used interactive map apps to document our travels, including pictures and detailed location information for each campsite along our route. Images of our routes and links to our interactive maps are posted below.

To get read about our adventures in the places we’ve visited, check out our blog.

2023 Adventure: Canada to Central Mexico

Our 2023 Mission: The Patzcuaro Loop! Patzcuaro, a little town in Central Mexico, will be our southernmost destination this year. If the name Patzcuaro means nothing to you, you’re not alone. It’s not one of Mexico’s more famous destinations and we’ve only just discovered it. But based on intel from friends and a little research, we think we’re going to love it. It has all the things we seek out when we travel: colonial architecture, cute restaurants and cafes, hiking trails, cool high-elevation temperatures, a lake, and a couple of promising-looking campgrounds. As a bonus, it’s very close to the beautiful colonial city of Morelia and the world-famous Monarch Butterfly Reserve. Our epic loop will also bring us to other destinations in Mexico and the US that we can’t wait to discover and rediscover. Here’s are planned loop. You can also follow our journey with our interactive map. Have some good ideas for stops along our route? Send them along!

2022 Adventure: Canada to Mexico’s Baja California Sur

So many things went wrong on this adventure. Slow Sally (our van) broke down 3 times in three months, with the third being a catastrophic, trip-changing transmission failure in south Baja. We almost lost our SUP; we reclaimed it in an epic rescue mission but lost our solar shower in the process. We also both somehow managed to lose a pair of sunglasses. Despite all of the misadventures, we visited some beautiful, mind-blowing destinations and don’t regret a minute of it. Click these links for our interactive map and blog series.

2021 Adventure: Ottawa to Canada’s East Coast

A trip to the east coast of Canada was our first pandemic-era van adventure. We didn’t blog during this trip but we diligently documented our route from Ottawa, west to Owen Sound, Ontario, and east to the far reaches of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This trip included some great backcountry campsites and A LOT of stops in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Click this link for our interactive map.


2020 Adventure: Canada to Guatemala via the US Southeast

We had originally planned to travel all the way to El Salvador or Nicaragua in 2020, but the COVID pandemic swept the world in March while we were still in Guatemala.  With our travel insurance threatening to bail on us, we rushed back to Canada, resulting in a different travel route than we had planned. Click this link for our interactive map.


2019 Adventure: Canada to Guatemala via the US Southwest

On our return trip from Guatemala, we took the advice of fellow travellers and went WAY out of our way to visit New Mexico and Colorado. The detour was absolutely worth the extra miles and we would have stayed longer in these states had our schedules permitted. Click these links for our interactive map and blog series.